We understand that everyone wishes we could regain some degree of normalcy in these continued uncertain and challenging times.

The good news is that health officials believe California’s aggressive efforts are working to “flatten the curve” by slowing the rate of spread so that health care systems will not be as overwhelmed. The tough news is that these efforts must continue and may need to be even more restrictive for a while.

For example, Alameda County just implemented a new, more restrictive health order that is in effect until at least May 3rd. The order can be found at: Shelter in Place Order

It is likely that other California jurisdictions will enact further restrictions and even tighter definitions on mandatory social distancing, closure of public spaces, and non-essential services.

Our lives have all been significantly disrupted and many of the services here in our community have been modified or suspended. While we are continually evaluating which services we could reinstate, we are required to adhere to directives from local, state, and federal officials. We appreciate your understanding.

The one service we currently are making plans to partially reinstate is a limited housekeeping service for those who request assistance to maintain healthy and sanitary conditions in your home. The focus is likely to be on resident bathrooms and kitchen and dining areas. Look for more information early next week.

In the meantime, here is new guidance from the CDC: